Ei Engineering

Ei Engineering specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance attachments for the earthmoving, demolition, quarry and mining industries.

Just as aerodynamics is important to how a sports car performs, we create buckets that are streamlined using “earthdynamics”, so that the bucket moves through the earth with the least resistance possible to dig quicker and more efficiently, using less fuel, allowing more power available to penetrate hard ground. This ensures that materials are moved quicker and easier showing savings in wages, fuel and running costs whilst gaining greater productivity in the same amount of time.

All Ei Engineering attachments carry a replacement guarantee, of either 12 months or 3 years, depending on machine size.

Ei Engineering design their attachments to operate within the Machine Manufacturer’s safe working loads. This helps ensure the safety of operators and other workers.

Ei Engineering’s warehouse holds around 2,000 attachments to offer fast turn-around for attachments from 1 tonne machines up.